John Barton the head of the Barton Family, which established Greenplan Forestry in 1992, was a pioneer in the forestry investment industry, a visionary and a man of high principles.

In setting up Greenplan his focus was on ensuring the company always looked to put investors first.  This principle makes good sense given obtaining a good return on growing trees for investment is in everyone’s interest including the Government, regulators, the environment and the community in general.  This principle continues today and will endure into the future.

Our trees are in very good condition, they provide opportunities for employment of people who can look after them well, the trees protect us against climate change and their value is currently soaring.  Log prices are at high levels and in our opinion, based on current circumstances, we can expect to realise good value for investors when the trees are ready for harvest. 

Greenplan also provides added assurance for investors through its licencing as a managed investment scheme manager under the Financial Markets Conduct regime.

The first trees, planted by Greenplan in 1994, are now 24 years old and are expected to reach full growth after another 4 or 5 years or so.  It may however be economically viable to realise the value of the trees before or after this time and we are looking at such possibilities.  Realising value is a complex and involved matter but with your participation we aim to find optimum ways from the investors’ perspective of achieving this.

This edition will cover what the principle of 'Putting Investors First' means in practice, it will touch on how Greenplan is tackling the current forestry sector changes and the regulatory environment and will explore the exciting investment opportunities we see ahead. We believe there is something for every investor in this newsletter.  It marks the start of a new initiative to engage with you in fresh ways as we kick the Greenplan 'Putting Investors First' principle into a higher gear. We look forward to receiving your valuable comments, suggestions and general feedback along the way.

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