Greenplan is here for you during the COVID 19 emergency

You will be aware that non-essential services in New Zealand and other places in the world are in lockdown in an attempt to control the continued spread of COVID-19. Greenplan Forestry Investments is a forestry managed investment scheme which is considered by Government to be an essential service. That means we can and will stay open for you.

To play our part in helping to combat COVID-19 and to protect our investors, our team and our community we are working remotely during the lockdown period. This means that we have closed our Te Kuiti office for in person business. During this time, we cannot extend to you our usual invitation to come along to our offices to talk about your trees or visit your trees. Nevertheless, you are still free to contact us by phone, email or through this website.

Although we are still open for business, please be aware that the lockdown will cause some disruption to our services. In particular, it is possible that you may experience delays with the Secondary Market/Unit Transfer service. We would be grateful if you could delay non-urgent requests for transfer until Government imposed COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Please bear with us as we take extra steps to overcome problems associated with the lockdown and to ensure the continued wellbeing of our investors, our team and our community. This is a challenging and uncertain time for all of us. Nevertheless, we will continue to assist you in any way we can.

As always, please stay safe and if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Matthew Barton

Managing Director