It’s over 20 years since I, with the support and assistance of family, began working on the idea that became Greenplan. At that time I envisaged an investment opportunity that gave grandparents a way of providing for their offspring, and for young people to plan for a financially sound future, by growing forests and selling the trees for timber.

I had a conviction that forests would become increasingly important for New Zealand; that timber would always be worth growing. Little did I know however that something called carbon sequestration was going to add significantly to the value of those forests.

Here we are in 2011, the world is facing new crises, including climate change and global warming.

The 7500 hectares of forests that our 6500 investors own are not only growing substantial volumes of timber for harvest, starting in just a few years time, but they are also adding significantly to New Zealand’s efforts to reduce climate change. We have the opportunity to share in the value our forests are adding to the environment by engaging in the Emission Trading Scheme.

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