The Way Forward.

As I write this, the legislation titled the Climate Change Response Act is in fact being amended by the National led coalition government and we are not absolutely sure what the final amended act will be. We have a good feel for it and feel that the grey areas could change for the better rather than worse. Better that is, in respect to Greenplan partners interests!

We would like to get a newsletter out before Christmas so hopefully by the time it goes to print, all the detail in the new amended Climate Change Response Act will be crystal clear and set in stone, so to speak.

That part of the Act to do with Emissions Trading and the Forestry Sector is probably not going to change a lot and the already published Regulations are likely to remain unchanged. Those are the bits that we at Greenplan are most interested in and in respect to our advice to you, our investors and to Perpetual Trust, your Statutory Supervisor, those are the parts of the legislation and associated rules and regulations that we depend on. We believe they are not going to be changed.

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