Forest Data For 1998 Plantings

Key Management Activities Completed 2016

  1. Pest control
  2. Assessment of forest health
  3. Permanent record plots (PRP) revisited and data recorded

Key Management Activities for 2017

  1. Continued observation of forest health
  2. Identify and destroy pests
  3. Revisit and collect data from permanent record plots

Average unit price

Average Unit Price for 1998 plantings
* Prices listed in Thousands

Secondary Market Activity

Sold Since: 1 January 2016
Average Price: $7,000 (1ha) $5,250 (1/2ha)
Price Range: $6,000-11,000(1ha) $5,250 (1/2ha)
Number Sold: 5

Forest Manager's Comments:

With no further operational work to be performed these forests will be left to grow. Greenplan staff will continue to monitor tree growth and forest health; pests will be monitored and controlled whenever necessary.

All forests are continually monitored by our staff, assessing health conditions and also pest control are out main priority within these forests. Remedial action will be taken if required.

"Permanent Record Plots" (PRP) established have been revisited and measured. Data is collected each year from the same trees, this will assist us to forecast growth rates and potential yields. The results for 2016 are listed in the table opposite.

Forest Manager
April 2017