Stockyards Partnership 32

How Big Are My Trees?

Forest Location
Top of Aria-Matiere Road, approximately 15 km from Aria.

Forest Management Data

Year: 2005
Last Operation: 3rd Lift & Thin to Waste
Average Pruned height(m): 6.8000
Pruned stems per hectare: 364.0000
Average Dos(cm): 20.5000
Average total height(m): 13.0000

Year: 2004
Last Operation: 2nd Lift Pruning
Average Pruned height(m): 5.1000
Pruned stems per hectare: 359.0000
Average Dos(cm): 15.5000
Average total height(m): 10.0000

Year: 2002
Last Operation: 1st Lift Pruning
Average Pruned height(m): 3.2000
Pruned stems per hectare: 365.0000
Average Dos(cm): 16.4000
Average total height(m): 6.7000

Partnership Details
Year Planted: 1998
Number of Units Issued: 140
Initial Purchase Price: $6,500