Tin Whare Partnership 26

How Big Are My Trees?

Forest Location
Moketenui Station, Mangapehi, SH30

Forest Management Data

Year: 2003
Last Operation: Third Lift & Thin to Waste
Average Pruned height(m): 7.0000
Pruned stems per hectare: 390.0000
Average Dos(cm): 0.0000
Average total height(m): 14.4000

Year: 2001
Last Operation: 2nd Lift
Average Pruned height(m): 4.8700
Pruned stems per hectare: 380.0000
Average Dos(cm): 17.5600
Average total height(m): 9.2900

Year: 2000
Last Operation: 1st Lift
Average Pruned height(m): 2.6400
Pruned stems per hectare: 368.0000
Average Dos(cm): 15.9100
Average total height(m): 6.8100

Partnership Details
Year Planted: 1996
Number of Units Issued: 110
Initial Purchase Price: $6,300